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The Alamo Regional Academy of Science & Engineering is an organization of community and business volunteers whose purpose is to focus on STEM and to stimulate interest in STEM beyond class work. Share your passion for learning and science with your community by joining our volunteer team. As an ARASE Volunteer, you'll gain new skills and experience, meet interesting people, and enjoy a fun, family-friendly atmosphere.

Judges and volunteers are needed for the coming up events. This is a great opportunity for people interested in meeting the next generation of young scientists from Central Texas.

General Volunteer

We will have touched the lives of over 1500 students as they research, assemble a project, are screened, and finally 500+ students will come to have their projects judged by over 300 professional scientists, engineers, technology experts, and educators. General Volunteers help with the planning and setting up of our events.


We provide a forum for students to present their scientific work, interact with scientists and receive feedback on their efforts. Students are awarded scholarships, cash prizes and other non-monetary recognition for outstanding work.

ARASE Judge - Judges are assigned to projects based on experience and qualifications in their field of expertise and will select first choice, second choice, etc. from one of the fair’s categories. The goals of the judge is to 1) Help students share their experience with you. 2) Objectively assess students’: Creativity, communication, problem-solving, and collaboration (team projects) skills. 3) Provide positive and constructive feedback on the student's science and engineering practices.

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